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Tips for excursions

Exursions in and around Kufstein

The city of Kufstein and the holiday region Kufsteinerland offer a lot of possibilities for excursions in summer and in winter alike!

Our team at the reception of Hotel Andreas Hofer is happy to help you with any information. On the following sites we have preapared some tips for excursions and hiking tours.

The weeky program of the tourist office Kufsteinerland also offers numerous possibilities for your time in Kufstein.

Cultural Experiences in Kufstein

Fortress Kufstein

Kulturstadt Kufstein, Hotel Andreas Hofer

During the last few years, the Fortress Kufstein has been laboriously renovated and is now a jewel in the whole region. Due to numerous events, the Fortress Kufstein is very attractive for people interested in culture and history. The Fortress Kufstein ist open all year round.

Experience the production of wine glasses

Glasmanufaktur Riedel, Kufstein

The "Schauhütte" of Riedel glass gives an interesting insight in the manufacturing of wine glasses. Also the "SINNfonie" is worth a visit - experience your sensory perception in a new way.

Lakes & Swimming pools near Kufstein

Lake Hechtsee | Lake Stimmersee | Lake Bananensee | Lake Thiersee

Badeseen in der Nähe vom Hotel Andreas Hofer

Lake Hechtsee in Kufstein is one of the most popular lake among people from Kufstein. The surroundings are perfect for joggers and to stroll along the lake. Lake Stimmersee in Langkampfen is located directly at the Pendling and offers best water quality. Lake Bananensee in Schwoich is Tyrol's first biotope lake open for swimming. Lake Vorderthiersee in Thiersee is ideal for swimming and other water sports alike.

Hallo Du - Ebbs

© Funarena Ebbs

Hallo Du is a swimming pool located in Ebbs. It offers different toboggans as well as sports, fun and children pools.

Zoos in der Nähe von Kufstein

Wildpark Wildbichl - Niederndorf

Tierparks und Zoos in der Nähe von Kufstein

Beobachten Sie Luchse in ihrem natürlichen Lebensraum, erspähen Sie ein paar Schneeeulen oder beobachten Sie ein paar Wildschweine - der Tierpark, mit einer Fläche von 80.000 ermöglicht Ihnen das ganze Jahr über einen interessanten Einblick in die Flor a und Fauna der Region.

Raritätenzoo in Ebbs

Zoos in Tirol, Kufstein

Der Zoo ist bekannt für seine einzigartigen und exotischen Tiere. Besucher können die Tiere in ihrem natürlichen Umfeld beobachten und so Einblick in das Leben von ca. 350 Tieren, verteilt auf 20.000 m². 

Hiking tours and walks in Kufstein

Aschenbrenner - Steinberg - Dux

Starting from Kienbichl, following the forest path, you will reach the restaurant Aschenbrenner. Going a little bit further you will reach a beautiful view point, from where you can not only see the whole Inn valley but also the peaks of the 3000m high mountains of the Venician range. Continuing on the panoramic path you will reach Brentenjoch and from there you have the possibility to follow the forest path to the mountain hut Kaindlhütte at Steinberg. Returning to Brentenjoch you can either take the Kaiserlift back to the valley or you go by feet, cross Dux and get back to Kufstein.

Ebbs - Kaiser valley

Starting from the parking "Kaisertal" you will take the steps up to the Kaiser valley. The path starts at Pfandl and goes up to the Antonius chapel and the Hinterkaiserhof.

Walking time to the Antonius chapel and back: 2-3 hours

Four-Lakes-Hiking tour

Starting at Lake Hechtsee the way takes you to lake Thiersee, Lake Egelsee, Lake Längsee and back to Kufstein.

Hiking tour to Walleralm

Go through the city parts Ried and Egerbach near the cement fabric, go up the "Steinerne Stiege". There you will reach Lake Hintersteinersee. Following the hiking path you will reach the restaurant Walleralm. Don't miss this beautiful experience.


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